Crime Time Nerds

Welcome Nerdlings! Crime Time Nerds is a True Crime Podcast, with a focus on local Vermont cases. Crime Time Nerds is hosted by Ash & Nat, two sister in laws and fellow nerds who share in the love/obsession of True Crime Cases. Crime Time Nerds airs every week.

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About the Hosts

Ash is a fellow Nerdling and lover of chickens, paranormal, anything folklore, books, all things scary, CHEESE, and of course her pup. Ash grew up watching many many scary movies and true crime documentaries. Ash loves being out in the woods, as it’s her jam. Fall has always been Ash’s favorite season. Practical Magic is her favorite that she watches at least 3 times a year. Ash is fascinated with psychology and that is where her interest in serial killers came on full force. You can catch Ash hanging in a hammock reading a true crime novel or in a blanket burrito at 1AM going down a true crime rabbit hole.

Nat is a fellow Nerdling and connoisseur of all things macabre. She’s a huge book worm, Stephen King being her favorite author. Nat is obsessed with tea & coffee, curling up with a good book, snuggling her doggo’s, true crime cases and documentaries, and weird fringe science tales. When Nat’s not podcasting about true crime, she’s often found painting, playing D & D, and basically living a full on nerd lifestyle. Nat initially studied Criminal Psychology in college but later changed her major after realizing that she empathized with victims too much to make it a career, but she managed to retain her love of true crime cases, specifically cold cases.