A Bit About Us

Hey friends, the Spilled Potion Collective has launched, and we’re all excited to have you on this journey with us! We’ve been talking about it for a while, so I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the discussion with you. I’m going to touch on who we are, why we started the Collective, and who we’re looking for.

To start with, Spilled Potion LLC was initially created by myself, Chris, and my best friend, Haney, back in late 2019 to house our First Encounter podcast. At the time, we knew that we wanted to produce more than a single podcast, so our plan was to start the business to encourage our creative pursuits. As our podcast progressed, we fell in love with both the medium and the surrounding community. We decided to find a way to encourage and lift up other indie creators as best we could while giving back to our communities. The decision to start a podcast collective was an easy one. After discussing what the Spilled Potion Collective would look like, we began meeting with some like-minded showrunners who share our values and passion. On January 4th, 2021, the Spilled Potion Collective launched with its first three partner shows, Crime Time Nerds, First Encounter, and Jitters.

Part of the discussion surrounding the Spilled Potion Collective was what commonalities bind our partner shows. The desire to give back to the community and support the less fortunate was our first consideration as both Haney and myself care deeply for this goal. The second trait we look for in partner shows is a passion for their topic. We want creators who feel strongly about their subject matter and are excited to share their love with the world. Finally, we decided to focus our attention on New England showrunners. Being lifelong Vermonters, we knew we would provide the most support to those who share our love for our home.

Since our kernel of an idea back in 2019, we’ve been looking forward to learning, growing, and helping others achieve their own creative goals. Now we’re ready for the opportunity. Through 2021 and beyond, thank you for the company on this adventure.